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Zack Snyder’s Justice League Review: The movie is slow, but the characters are great

The movie was still able to be miles better than the 2017 theatrical version

From the point of a critic, sitting through 4 hours of Zack Snyder’s Justice League can be quite the ordeal. But for a fan, who was left feeling extremely bitter and disappointed after the 2017 movie, this brings a lot of characters “justice.” The four hours can even breeze by as Snyder tells individual stories of the characters before bringing them all to the final showdown against the other worldly villains who want to destroy Earth.

Snyder’s vision has been completed, and there is plenty of richness to be found as the film gives a lot of attention to the heroes, most of whom had made their first proper appearance in this movie instead of getting their solo outing like how Marvel did with their heroes.

The Cyborg storyline

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While each character (Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman included), get their own stories, Cyborg’s story stands out, and so does Ray Fisher’s acting. He gets a full circle superhero arc that is emotional, thoughtful, and painful. Perhaps, the audience will feel for him more than for the other heroes. We will get to see how he became Cyborg, how he’s adjusting to the changes, and his anger and frustration throughout. His strained relationship with his father Silas Stone (Joe Morton) is also shown. Snyder was right to describe him as “the heart of the Justice League.”

Consistent storyline

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Snyder’s cut is definitely consistent and he keeps the tone similar to the other two films. The action is great, the villain Steppenwolf is more terrifying, and characters are not making goofy jokes. Superman’s role is minimal, but his resurrection makes a lot of sense all the same.

In conclusion, it should not be missed. We have seen bad superhero movies, and DCEU had felt rushed in parts, but this film as a whole does give the fans and Snyder’s vision justice.

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