Apple+ TV has Announced Some Facts Regarding the Production of Panchinko. Check Details Inside

A Korean star named Lee Min Ho starring in the series has been officially announced by Apple. The name of the series is Pachinko. The product that started on October 26 is copied from the novel bearing the same name. the story is a genuinely relatable and emotional one. The four generations of the Korean family in concern is the main genre of the story, their desires and hopes in the world where they are immigrants is the topic that is highlighted the most. The travel and love story among the countries is what the series revolves around.

Lee Min Ho Among Six Cast in 'Pachinko' Series at Apple - Variety
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What does the series have in itself? Something to be known about the cast.

Travel to places such as Korea, Japan and America is a story with the genre of love, peace, and loss. Romance is interwoven into the series with the consequence being far from concluding. Something to be told about the characters that must be known by all is that Naomi, played by Anna Sawai is an independent and financially independent and stable woman who has high confidence, an ambitious lady who shows traits of a dominant lady in a male-oriented world with oppressions towards ladies. She’s in the discussion of being starred in Fast and Furious 9. Soji Arai is playing the character Mosazu who is a successful and caring father indeed. He is blessed with SMS talent as they say and Energy talent. Chon is the director of the 4 episodes on which they will be executive producer.

Pachinko': K-wave star Lee Min-ho joins cast, fans thrilled over his Hollywood debut in Apple's first K-drama | MEAWW
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Jin Ha playing the role of Solomon, a , charming , ambitious young man who will be emphasized on to reckon with his family’s past. The character of Jin Ha will be shown in two of the most common and famous FX series named “Devs’ and the HBO Max series called “Love Life.” His role in the Chicago production of “Hamilton’ is well appreciated till date.  His fame is established with the ICM and Suskin Management.