Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone Relationship Timeline – Is the Oscar Winner Finally Looking to Settle? Check Out Below

Social media outlets have been speculating that Leonardo DiCaprio and the model/actress Camila Morrone had been dating from 2017. Despite the speculations, the two individuals didn’t make any official confirmation until the 2020 Academy Awards. The two have been living a great time together and that is evident from their Instagram posts and stories that gave us slight hints of the same, however, the pieces of information made more sense when placed together and viewed with the same spectacle.

They were first thought of hooking up at a place where they were spotted by the kate personality, Barney. The two were spotted by him which was then made public by Us Weekly that they had met. However, the two gave clarification calling themselves family friends.

A timeline of Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone's relationship
picture: cosmopolitan

Their 2018 incidence of being spotted

The two were then seen on a vacation to Europe. while E! News first declared their love for each other and their attraction towards each other’s personality, the other article ruled out the same and said that things were on a standstill between the two and that they weren’t on any terms with each other, more than friends.

2019, the year that brought many good changes in their relationship

2019 is when things came out more transparent and we knew that they were serious for each other and were sure of the same. Although they had decided to be together, the concept of marriage was no longer a possibility for the two as they spotted out and made clear in the latter times. While some media outlets said that they had gotten engaged, their beach pictures were making things more confirmed. The two got snapped in a hotel room.

While the two entered the Oscars award separately, they were seen sitting together and attending the event. That is when we knew that things were more serious than we thought of them to be. From being called an Instagram boyfriend to really being Morrone’s boyfriend, the two had a great time together.