BTS: It is Nothing if there is not International Fanbase Helping BTS out of Love said Ashley Hackworth. Read Below to Know More

BTS also known as Bangtan Boys is boy band of seven boys from South Korea. There latest projects in 2020 are Map of the Soul: 7, “Dynamite” and upcoming album is Be. The fan base of the boy band is so huge that preorders for their upcoming album “Be” has already began on 20th of September.

Courtesy: Instagram

Recently, 5 boys from the band had a zoom call meeting with Ashley Hackworth who is a teacher in South Korea.

Ms. Hackworth interviewed the band from her apartment and there are many interesting things she discussed with the band. She is planning to make project whose investment can turn into $4 Billion. She said that no one can help her other than the ecosystem of BTS fans. Even if the fan base will be not be paid anything but nothing is possible without them.

In fact, without BTS’s international fan base the Korean company (Big Hit Entertainment) that manages BTS band would never have become a billion dollar enterprise.

On 15th October, 2020 the company’s share started trading marking the highest public offering since 2017 in South Korea. Many retail investors earned a piece of pre orders of Big Hit before the listing. In fact, last year also Big Hit had earned a lot of profits just from fund raising.

But these investments investors do in companies like Big Hit or other is actually a gift for fans like Ashley Hackworth

BTS fans that are commonly known as Army not only attend the concert but also buy Band’s merchandise. Moreover, there are fan groups who translate BTS Korean contents into English and other languages on behalf of BTS.

BTS boys often interpreted as girls group and it is really hard say it.  It is a group of smart, talented, handsome and boy band who have amazing dance moves and catchy music in their content.