AMA Fashion Highlight: Spiked Purple Suit wore by Machine Gun Kelly in Talks

Machine Gun Kelly donned an extravagant spiked suit

Machine Gun Kelly showed up at the American Music Awards Sunday night wearing a super-edgy outfit covered in spikes, and it definitely turned some heads on the red carpet. Machine Gun Kelly had a huge night before, being named the favorite rock singer for AMAs 2022.

Machine Gun Kelly with his blond hair and too-tall height adding on his little spikey black boots, wore a purple outfit which is decorated with spikes, leaving fans wondering how he will be sitting throughout the event, and just how much of a risk that could be to the people sitting near him.

Machine Gun Kelly
@machinegunkelly | Instagram

Ultimately, the main-stream sellout rocker was correct, winning AMA for favorite rock artist, and mocking his fashion choices as he took to the stage to receive his award, Machine Gun Kelly also took home the Favorite Rock Artist Award at the 2021 American Music Awards, marking his first-ever nomination for the coveted awards show. 

The winner on receiving the award thanked his fans and spoke a few words about how people from the rock community called him a tourist for his work. Referring himself to a rocket-man Kelly said he always aimed for the moon and now getting there he still has the universe to explore. With his talk going on he jokingly mentions his outfit, saying “this suit is so uncomfortable to pee in.”

With nearly dozens of nearly foot-long metal spikes, Machine Gun Kelly accepted the trophy from Meghan Trainor, who announced him as the winner, according to AMA’s public voting result.

The 32-year-old singer has a long history in the music industry and has been nominated for multiple music awards, but this was his first time attending the ceremony in such a pointy manner, making his statement totally bold on how anyone cannot be even near him to distract him, while he climbs the ladder towards his success.