Alec Baldwin Admits to “Not Feeling Guilty” for ‘Rust’ Shooting Incident, but Still “Physically Struggling”

Excerpts from the actor’s first interview since last month’s incident

Alec Baldwin sat down for an exclusive interview by ABC since the tragic shooting incident on set of his new movie Rust in New Mexico. During rehearsals, Alec had fired a gun that contained live rounds, which killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injured director Joel Souza.

And now, the actor is speaking out about the incident.

Alec’s story

Halyna Hutchins
Halyna Hutchins/Instagram

Alec Baldwin stated that he started cocking the gun, but it fired before he could pull the trigger. He said that someone is responsible for what happened, but he can’t say who that is. All he knows is that it isn’t him. He added that if he had actually felt responsible for the incident, he would’ve killed himself.

Investigations are still ongoing, and Baldwin said that they should focus on finding out who brought live rounds to set. While preparing for rehearsals, he was told that the gun was “cold,” a term used for guns with no live ammunition. He was then instructed by Hutchins to point the gun at her direction as she prepared to film the scene. But as soon as he let go off the hammer, the gun fired. Everyone on set was shocked, as it was really loud.

Hearing the news

Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin initially thought Hutchins collapsed from a heart attack or general shock, and didn’t realize she had died until the police told him.

Right now, he, along with other people working on the movie are faced with two civil lawsuits. Alec Baldwin said that he will be “stunned” if Hutchins’ husband did not file a lawsuit against him or the producers.

As much as a tragedy that it was, it managed to bring major awareness to Hollywood and other film industries on gun safety, and some are even campaigning for guns to be permanently banned.