Money Heist : Netflix’s Celebrated Series Comes to an End with a Satisfying Conclusion to Professor’s Daring Robbery

Here’s what went down in Money Heist’s thrilling finale season (Spoilers ahead)

And just like that, the Money Heist journey has reached its end. All the shootouts, twists, deaths, and laughs have culminated into a satisfying finale as we bid farewell to The Professor and his group of professional criminals.

Without further ado, let’s get down to business.

Finishing the job

Money Heist

Season 5 Part 1 hit us hard with Tokyo’s death. While this knocked the wind out of everyone else, they soon picked themselves up and started getting the gold out from the Bank of Spain. Meanwhile, the Professor had his own mess to clean after Alicia Sierra escaped from captivity. Palermo, who did things his own way finally takes charge again and proves to everyone how good he is at what he does. We also get to see a flashback of him and Berlin overcoming obstacles and celebrating. Many nail-biting moments, arguments, tears, and a final ‘Bella Ciao’ followed the rest of the Money Heist’s season.

The powerful finale

The Professor

In Money Heist’s episode 10, named ‘A Family Tradition,’ we see the Professor surrendering, and the team slowly realizing that their grand plan had failed. Tamayo, who brought him in for questioning asks about the missing gold, and offers to give whoever states its whereabouts a new life. However, the Professor being who he is, had contingencies, and with some outside assistance released a video to the whole world explaining how he was able to scam the Royal Bank of Spain. This spelled disaster with a capital D for Spain, and its stock market fell, with investors believing that the country is all but finished.

The Professor and his team starts getting brutal treatment for this stunt, but suddenly news arrived that the gold was returned to the Spanish authorities. But this was yet another backup plan of the Professor, who had sent in painted brass. The authorities find this out in no time, but they were able to bring the economic crises to an end by showing the fake gold. Tamayo gave in to the team’s demands, and handed them all new passports and a new chance at life.

The Professor finally decides to celebrate, knowing he’s had his revenge. But he asks Sierra where the actual gold was hidden. Sierra replies that it was stashed in a small house belonging to Tatiana and Rafael, and is now being transported to Portugal.

Here’s to wishing the Professor and his squad a happy new life. After keeping the audience on the edge for 5 seasons, Money Heist finally bids adieu to viewers in style.