Ahead of Stranger Things Season 4 Release, Netflix Celebrates Stranger Things Day!

Netflix has shared the 2021 schedule and details for the special day

This is strange, but apparently there is a Stranger Things Day!

Fans are waiting for the release date of Stranger Things season 4, but Netflix is taking their time, and has been having other events in the meantime. For one, today is November 6, and in the story’s timeline, November 6, 1983 was when Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) first went missing. So the day is marked as Stranger Things Day, and check out Netflix’s plans for this year.

Special events

Stranger Things

Here goes:

  1. At midnight, visit the Stranger Things social media sites to kick start the celebration.
  2. At 7 am PT, you will get to see the California location where season 4 was shot.
  3. At 9 am PT, take a trip around the world of Stranger Things with the official map of Hawkins designed by artist Kyle Lambert.
  4. At 11 am PT, the episode titles of season 4 will be unveiled.
  5. At 1 pm PT, you will get to see the Stranger Things pop-up stores that are opening in Los Angeles and New York City.
  6. At 2 pm PT, get to see the creators talk about how the day should be celebrated.
  7. At 4 pm PT, watch the new looks and costumes that the cast members will be appearing in.

New merch at the Netflix shop

Stranger Things

That won’t be all. Netflix will also be releasing some new merch along with the pop-ups mentioned above. Check the Netflix Shop for new collectibles, apparel, and limited edition cereals from General Mills. Popular brands like Bandai, Funko, and others will be hosting an a Hawkins High apparel campaign and will offer lots of collectibles. New merch will be available on Walmart, Target, Amazon, Foot Locker, Snipes, and Zalando.