A fully naked man tried to stop the traffic but that didn’t end up well! Check to see what happened.

Have you ever imagined that you would see a naked man on a public road fighting with a car driver? If not, then this man has actually crossed all the limits!

A very suprising video was taken by one of the viewers with respect to the incident. This naked man took to the street and strutted down the street! As he moved through the road, he stood and blocked one of the car that was going through the road. This forced the driver to change the route and apply quick brakes! If the driver would not have done it then there would have been an accident and a collision.

It was sort of a hilarious situation for the passersby. Some of them were seen laughing in the video but some were even shocked. Their eyes actually did come out at the scene!

Some people think that this video was shot in Russia. Apart from this, the man stood in front of the white car and stopped the driver. Also, he asked him to come out of the car. This man then frustrated come out of the car.

They began with a small conversation which went furious when the driver all of a sudden punched this naked man on his face. The punch was so hard that the man landed up on the ground.

The video of this crazy incident was uploaded on 5th August on Twitter and since then it has gone viral. Till date, it has received as many as 828.8k views. Though it has not yet been revealed whether any arrest charges have been registered against this man or not. This guy has actually crossed all the limits.