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Twin YouTube stars have been charged with felony for playing a terrible prank of robbing a bank!

YouTube stars Alex and Alan Stokes have been hit with crime allegations for a bank burglary video trick that drove police to defy a uninvolved Uber driver at gunpoint.

The Irvine twins who are aged 23 years, have been charged for a lot of criminal reasons like burglary, etc. The Orange County District Attorney’s Office had informed this and also said that they would be detained for 4 years!

Police advised the pair after their first endeavor at the trick for their “Feeds Twins” channel, which has 4.8 million endorsers, went astray. The kin, whose recordings have earned in excess of 482 million perspectives, rehashed the trick four hours after the fact with also shocking outcomes.

“These were not tricks,” Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer said in the announcement. “These are wrongdoings that could have brought about somebody getting genuinely harmed or even murdered.” He added that officials reacting to a bank burglary in progress rather discovered “a wound endeavor to acquire notoriety on the web by pointlessly putting individuals from people in general and cops in harm’s way.”

The Uber driver, in any case, would not serve the siblings. The twins have been accused of a crime after their bank theft trick turned out badly.

The twins have been accused of a crime after their bank theft trick turned out badly.


The siblings disclosed their video trick to the officials, the DA stated, and cops “gave an admonition to the Stokes siblings about the perilous … direct and let them go.”

After four hours, they were discovered attempting to play a comparative trick on the grounds of the University of California, additionally inciting crisis theft calls from onlookers.

The Stokes’ coming about YouTube video — named “Burglar PRANK! (turned out badly)” — has been seen more than 1 million times. It is currently recorded as “private” on the channel. Duplicates are as yet accessible on YouTube.

The most recent video shared on the twins’ channel is an eating challenge in which their companions endeavor to eat 100,000 calories in 24 hours. Their most mainstream cut, of them moving to Ariana Grande’s 2019 hit “7 Rings,” has 57 million perspectives.

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