10-year-old Herriman girl drowned in her bathroom tub!! Mother gave CPR to save her life. Transported to hospital via medical helicopter

The horrendous incident happened with a 10-year-old girl near South & Moonlite Hill Court, Herriman. On Thursday afternoon, 10-year-old drowned in her bathroom tub, after which her mother called 911 and transported her to Primary Children’s Hospital.

In the morning around 11, after the girl complained about feeling sick, the mother bathed the girl to make her feel better. But after 10 minutes, when she returned back to check on her, she found her face drowned in the tub. She took her out and began CPR, as told by the girl’s mother to the local police.

She called 911 about 11:18 am, after which police and paramedics arrived, and they did chest compressions. Said the Herriman Police Lt. Cody Stomberg.

Later she transported in a medical helicopter to the Primary Children’s Hospital. But the girl’s condition is not good and is extremely serious.

The officers are trying to find the girl’s sickness before she took a bath.

Stomberg also appreciated the mother’s presence of mind and action for making a quick decision. He also added it is not common for 10-year-old to need supervision in the bath. But it is the case of a terrible accident.