All Rumours? No Pregnancy? No More Fat Shaming!! “Rihanna” All Shaped Up For New Release!!

Rihanna is in and out of the gym regularly for the past year. Her unexpected weight gain directed to the rumors of pregnancy. Paparazzi never left their cameras off, clicked her photos from all the angles possible. Such actions never stopped the strong-minded, rough, and tough Rihanna. She looked all composed in front of the media.

Her strong determination to get back into good health and shape threw her being lazy theory in the dustbin. Now she is all set to release her new album.

 As per sources, the gorgeous singer has been constantly spending time in the gym and workout. Her busy schedule includes High-Intensity Interval Training and Pilates. A strict check on her diet as she likes to be all curvy and toned up.

Rihanna managed to cut down bad eating habits and high calories substances through a strict regime. RiRi believes in good health, and her confidence is an inspiration for all her supporters and fans. Her devotion to the music world helped her to become better in life.

In 2017 she was criticized and mocked for her ungainly weight. Mean articles, posts, comments, body-shaming trolls kept on circulating on social media. She never took such things seriously and kept her spirits high.

Rihanna 31, is all set for a new release as feels mentally and physically strong. She is eager for public appearances, tours, and TV. RiRi wants to share her experience of hard work and dedication with the world while following her a musical path. A wonderful soul within and outside, as many can vouch.

Her message to fans is direct and straight “ Don’t be ashamed of your body. Just give your 100%.” Rihanna’s beautifully back in shape look, is a slap on all body shamer’s face who judge women only in a standard frame, and write-off if they look different.