What is Email Signature Marketing?

What is Email Signature Marketing? 

Email correspondence has acquired a significant character in the modern world. Every day each of us receives hundreds of emails to the mailbox. These are personal letters, work, business correspondence, promotions, social networks, and more.

Signing up your email seems like a logical deal. Before, such signatures were created due to business correspondence etiquette. Now, many companies began to use it for marketing purposes.

What is an Email Signature?

At the end of the email, it’s common to write professional closings like “Regards,” “Best wishes,” and so on. We all know them well. After it, most people add the email signature with personal information, including name, email and phone number, job position, address, branding elements.

Such a sig is a great way to give more information about yourself to the recipient, draw their attention, and make unobtrusive brand ads. That is why such a small detail has become one of the leading marketing tools.

What bonuses does a well-written email signature bring to your business? 

  • Discloses personal information that creates trust;
  • Increases company recognition and brand promotion;
  • Gives product information;
  • Adds the impression of professionalism;
  • Boosts traffic on your website;
  • Attracts new customers.


What is Email Signature Marketing? 

Email signature marketing is a small part of the complete concept of email marketing. When the whole email marketing is currently the TOP tool capable of attracting/retaining customers and increasing brand loyalty. So, when you use mail sig to promote anything, you use email signature marketing.

To create a high-quality and “working” sig for your letter, you need to have enough marketing knowledge. It is way more complicated than it seems at first glance. You should maintain an information balance to make advertising clear and unobtrusive. Otherwise, it may play against your business.

The signature should indicate sufficient feedback channels. Besides, you need to add other elements that will help recognize your company. There are many more details that are crucial in the email signature marketing practice.

Best Practice of Email Signature Marketing 

Call to Action. Using marketing tools for your signature involves using Call to Action motivation. This manner will direct the recipient to perform the action that is required of them. It can be any action from visiting your website to requesting feedback. 

Target right. Decide on your target audience. It’s imperative to hold the leading marketing plan. But the target audience of customers and email recipients may be different. Examine who will receive your letters and build a marketing concept for them.

Brevity is the soul of wit. You should not attack your recipients with too vivid images, or several calls to action at once. Your signature should be short, simple, natural, and elegant. 

Brand matching. Your signature, like any other marketing element, must adhere to the general style of the brand. Font, colors, copyright style, images are essential elements of style. So, when the recipient sees your signature, they should always link it with your brand. 

Responsive design for every screen resolution. It is a critical point. But if you do not know how to do it, some of the platforms that offer free email signature can also help set the resolution for all devices. 

Only relevant data. Check if the phone number, email, social network links are relevant. Also, make sure the links are clickable.

Get creative. Try using animation or even video in your sig. With proper performance, this may look very appropriate. After all, the main goal is to attract a client. 

How to Support Marketing Campaigns with Email Signatures

A mail signature shouldn’t be your only marketing technique. Without a doubt, now this is an incredibly popular and working scheme, but this is not enough for a full-fledged marketing strategy. You need to understand that sig itself cannot make your business more successful. However, it will help to attract more visitors or buyers and significantly expand the client base. Here are some useful tips on how to use mail sig as a part of your marketing company: 

Frame your strategy. Decide on the number of emails that will be sent every day to potential customers. Review your contact base and compare it with the desired audience growth. Work with these numbers every month.

Make each employee a company ambassador. After official employment, each of your employees should become the ambassador of your brand. Teach them how to use mail sig right. 

Use a template. Construct a standard version of your brand signature for each employee. After that, add something unique to each department, following its goals. It will help to share tasks and make advertising more concise. 

Create a promotional banner. Make this banner your advertising element for mail signature. Feel free to add this to your letter, and get closer to your marketing goals. A promotional banner is an excellent tool to attract new subscribers, advertise products, invite to events, and so on. Update your banners every month to use relevant information and change the look.  

This article only carries the bulk of information regarding email sig marketing. In reality, there are a vast number of techniques to improve this tool and achieve maximum results for your company. Never underestimate the email signature and remember that this is an incredibly cheap way to advertise your products. Do not stop experimenting, follow trends, and achieve your marketing goals.