Lost in Space Season 3 is coming on Netflix finally! Check release date, plot, cast, and more!

Lost In Space another thriller from Netflix had got the viewer’s attention as well as appreciation. As season 2 ended with lots of twists and unanswered questions and a lot of thrilling seasons, viewers are very much excited about season 3.

Here let’s see what could be the events happening in season 3.

What’s going to happen?

The popular online streamer for various series has never failed to thrill the audience with their mindblowing sci-fic thrillers, which includes Another Life and The I-Land, but yet failed to reach the breakout hit of 2018, 7 Ways Lost In Space.

The plot of the story revolves around the humans, who are about to leave earth as a meteor was going to hit the earth and they didn’t have much time left. To save themselves from this meteor they find a way and that is to find a new planet in the galaxy where they can live. In this process, they also find a new planet out there in the galaxy named, Alpha Century. 

Netflix has once again ended the season with a cliff hanger ending of the season by throwing Robinson and his family much more further…

The family aims to reach Alpha Century so that they can live a peaceful life though which is difficult for them to achieve.

Netflix hasn’t officially confirmed its airing yet, but from the positive response, we can expect it to have a new season.

At the end of season 2, we see that Judy and her Jupiter 2 team learning that a human-made radar signature led them to the Fortuna and Dr.Smith scarfed villain is also spotted on the planet.

We can expect a conflict between Maureen/John drama as they try to find their children, and the Jupiter 2’s exploration of unknown territory, Collectively, the Robinsons will need to reassess what they know to be true in Lost in Space season 3 on Netflix, and will certainly need to be extra cautious in their new star system’s exploration.