Panasonic made a Vacuum Cleaner to find Lost AirPods in Hard to Reach Places, which is getting Tested at Japan North Side Railway Station

AirPods are very prone to lose or fall anywhere. A new vacuum cleaner by Panasonic will make it a bit easier to find your fallen AirPods. It is especially made to find AirPods at railway tracks. There are several complaints at 78 railway stations at Japan where people have lost their AirPods at railway tracks. Finding AirPods in hard to reach places is very difficult.

Moreover, we can also use mechanical grippers to find AirPods but Panasonic vacuum cleaner work better. At least it is far away better than tweezers which are very time consuming.

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How Panasonic vacuum cleaner work?

Picking up large objects is one thing but tiny objects like AirPods are very difficult to find once they are lost. It becomes more difficult to find such objects between hard to reach places like train tracks. The AirPods dimensions are 16.5 x 18 x 40.5 millimeters currently.

The passengers are asked to inform railway authorities if their gadgets fell between tracks. The Panasonic vacuum cleaner works faster than any other cleaners. They are asked to keep patience and let the railway authority do their work. Also, railway authorities have also said to passengers that whatever it is do not jump on railway tracks.

Courtesy: iPhoneHacks

Other than incidents at Japan railway tracks, workers at Subway have not only recollected almost 84 AirPods but earbuds, earpods and headphones are also retrieved. The number of items retrieved has increased to 1,220.

Well, the vacuum cleaners are being tested at Ikebukuro station in north Tokyo and it is really a great initiative towards finding tiny objects in railway tracks.

One worker at Subway, said that customers love their gadgets more than their life. Just like this, another worker said that just some days ago he stopped someone from going down to tracks.