Edge of Midnight: The Mashup Featuring Miley and Stevie is Rocking Everywhere! Read More Details Below

Miley Cyrus has finally released her mashup with Stevie Nicks. Fans were eagerly waiting for this single and Mylie has also put in a lot of effort in it. She mixed “Edge of Midnight” which is remix of her latest single “Midnight sky” with Nick’s “Edge of Seventeen”.

Why the mashup of two famous singers is in trending?

It is because people were very excited since Nicks was also a very famous and potential singer of her time. “Edge of Seventeen” is a track from Nicks’ first solo album “Bella Donna” which was released in 1981 that is 40 years ago almost.

Miley has given her lot of input which makes the remix very wonderful. Nicks has also happily given her voice to Miley’s remixed. The song starts with Waddy Wchtel’s unmistakable 1th-note guitar riff.

Not much details of the release were revealed other than the tweets from two singers. She said that Stevie Nicks has always been her inspiration. Miley also said that she is very glad that she could call Stevie her friend or collaborator. Nicks also commented on her post and said that she loved singing with her.

Although, previously Miley said on Jimmy Fallon’s show that she contacted Nicks and asked for her permission that if she can borrow her track “Edge of Seventeen”. Nicks also happily agreed with it and said to Miley she can happily borrow it.

“Midnight Sky” is a track from Miley’s seventh studio album “Plastic Hearts” which will be released on 27th of November, 2020. It is produced by Louis Bell and Andrew Watt. “Midnight Sky” was already released on 14th of August. The album also includes 11 tracks other than “Midnight Sky”.  The album will be released in the place of two EPs which she had to cancel due to her vocal cord surgery this year.