Minecraft now be produced by Microsoft on the same platform and won’t be reliable on Amazon services anymore.

Microsoft and Amazon are two giant platforms on the internet these days. The two are known for the trends that it has individually set. Everyone who plays games must be knowing of the contribution of Microsoft to sponsoring and producing games. They could be various types and large numbers. Minecraft is one such game and is produced by Amazon. The game has decided to run the game anymore.


Amazon prime sponsors games and a series of various kinds. Since 2014, Amazon has been sponsoring the game via Mojang Studio. Now, the company has decided to fund the game by itself and not indirectly invest in Amazon for running the game online. A move decided by the company has come into the limelight and is known by all around due to the drastic step that was taken by the company.

So what is the improvement with this step?


As independent as it is, Microsoft now knows what to do by itself and what to procure from another website/platform. the decision was taken by the company and was covered and brought to the public by CNBC which was in turn informed by the spokesperson of Microsoft.


A good decision made by the team of Microsoft will increase its independence and lower its reliance on other platforms and will in turn help manage the funds on its side and prevent them from being invested in other domains. A good decision made by the team which might have critics at the moment, however, will be taking some time for the public to process the advantages of taking that step and move the platform to a greater height of success. The gamers have nothing to worry about, the game will remain safe with only the platform of production changing.