Black Is King: Beyonce’s new film is coming soon and here’s what you can expect. Check out all details and latest updates.

An action version of The Lion King, Beyonce’s Black Is King is going to be a hit on the box-office after the last year’s release of the former which had gained success in terms of fame and the earnings that it was able to garner. Beyonce is an established singer in Hollywood and is known for her hit songs that have managed to make everyone dance their hearts out.

With many songs already released, the upcoming version will be awaited by the fans and is going to stand on the expectations of her fans. The album will be launched through Disney and it has taken the first step in the lead by releasing the trailer which has spoken tons about the album.

When is the album going to be available on the platform?

Disney will be making the album out on 31st July 2020. The film can be streamed by those who have a membership with Disney Plus and it can be purchased from there. The cast of the movie is diverse and takes care of all the requirements in the film. The characters chosen will match the expectations that fans will be having with them. the trailer is available on YouTube.

Those who haven’t watched it yet will be able to on YouTube and wait for the release of the film so that they can watch the full version of the film then and enjoy their favorite singer being cast in a movie that will be looked after by everyone. The earnings of the film are expected to be high considering the hype it has created and after the former version of the film being released last year. The expectations are high and the film will hopefully fulfill that.