ISS astronauts feel that Chernobyl could be a boon for them. Check it out.

Chernobyl was the biggest disaster that Ukraine has ever experienced. The radiation due to the nuclear power plant blast caused havoc to many around the plant. The people who died from the radiation escaped the wrath of the aftermaths of the blast. The waves are yet dangerous for humans and lead to deformities in them. the deformities could range from person to person which is dependent on the amount of radiation that they inhaled. The effects are yet seen in the ambiance of the focus of the disaster. 

What is the reason for discussing the incident?

The plant that blasted gave rise to fungi that were found around the area of the effects of the plant blast. The fungus is known for its radiation-absorbing features. The fungus that grew in the region grew out of the radiations that it absorbed. The more the radiation better was its growth. 

How can this fungus be beneficial to humans?

After knowing that feature of the fungus, it is planned to be used for humans in outer space. Those in the ISS can plant the fungus and escape the wraths of the radiations. Its absorbing property is due to the presence of melanin in the organism which is capable of absorbing radiations. This property could be used by the astronauts aboard and then be used by them at getting rid of the radiation.

A great piece of news for the astronauts. Nature has its way of curing the wounds that are caused to it by humans or any other act committed to it. Mother earth has to take care of itself and its children. For those who are interested in science should know this for a better understanding and innovations in the field in the future.

(Images credits: Pixabay)