Classic games that can be played on mobile. List of online and offline games

Are you looking for the best mobile games? Here is the list of classic games that you can play on your mobile. Read on to know the complete details.

Clash Royale

You can also call it a minion battle game. The game allows two players to play in a head-to-head battle using spells, creatures, and minions character to destroy each other’s towers and castles. Each battle will last for three minutes. The game is available for free.

Marvel Strike Force

A game that gives you a feel like an earth saver. A player has to take charge of marvel characters to save the attack happening on the earth. One can choose their favorite marvel in the game. It is available for free.

Rest In Pieces

Similar to Temple Run, this game also asked a player to dodge right or left to avoid obstacles. It is available for free, and quite easy to grasp. The title name was decided based on endless runners in the horror theme.

Call Of Duty

A touchscreen firefights game- Call of Duty. Perfect choice for action lovers. It unavoidable to skip downloading in your Android touchscreen phone. It is available for free in the Play store, and features of several multiplayer modes, battle royal, mapping, etc.

Madden NFL Mobile Football

A perfect choice for football lovers. Just like an original football game, this mobile game also includes features like building teams like a general manager and head coach and guiding NFL glory. It offers a real-time NFL game to all the players. A player needs to be online to play the game.

Shadowgun Legends

A combination of shoot action, a sprinkle of RPG, and alien combat. The game is also offering some real-time appearances like a bar, stores, and casinos. This game follows a mission of buying and selling of gears. It is available for free.