Minato Namikaze is one the bravest character of Naruto Series. How did he become the Fourth Hokage?

Minato Namikaze is one of the famous characters of anime Manga series Naruto Universe. He was the fourth Hokage of Hidden leaf village and father of Naruto, whoa is the main character of the series. In addition, he was the husband of Kushina Uzumaki and father in law of Hinata Hyuga.

Well, Minato was a very sharp and gifted child. He joined the ninja academy at the age of 6 years. Minato always has the goal of becoming a great Hokage of the village, where people acknowledge and admire him. After graduating from the Academy, he was trained under Jiraiya and became stronger.

After some time, he was informed that Kushina Uzumaki was Abducted by cloud ninja. So he rescued Fukushima but fails to save Obito. Hence, after the retire of the third Hokage,  Minato evolved as the fourth Hokage of the village.

The Japanese Manga series, Naruto, is penned and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. This series recites the story of Naruto, who wishes to become the leader of the village.

Minato was one of the most powerful shinobi ever born his son Naruto never knew about his father as Minato had many foes who can be a threat to the life of Naruto. After the death of Marito, his story of brave Endeavour was told to villagers. He was died to bring down the nine-tailed fox and also to save his son Naruto. Therefore, this incident plays an important role in the plot of the animated series. Being trained under a member of Sannin, he becomes powerful soon and grows into the greatest Ninja of all time.

Due to his great capabilities and bravery, he was chosen as the fourth case of the village over Orochimaru. Well, he is also known as a yellow flash, as he is the most powerful Ninja in the Naruto series.