Wireless Electricity Could be a Reality Now As Engineers Unveil a System!

We know we always think of having wireless technology but did you ever think of wireless electricity, no right? Well, that is also possible now after the method developed by scientists at Stanford University, who were even famous during 2017 for developing technology.

Now the same scientists have developed an efficient system for recharging all the automobiles and robots wirelessly.

Wireless electricity is not an easy task to achieve, but the Standford scientists already started working on it years ago. In 2017, all they did was set up amplifier whose frequency would change as soon as the device attached to it moved.

Wireless Electricity Could be a Reality Now As Engineers Unveil a System! 1
                                         pic credits- world news

But, however, this was not a very successful method and could make only ten percent of electricity transmission possible. But recently, now the same method is being used but in a more improved way, and the same device now transmits 92 percent, which is, of course, a very great boost.

The method, however, did not change, it is the same, but the changed the amplifier to a new one named as a switch-mode amplifier which is way more complex and hard to work on, because of which took the scientists over three years to bring it into action and now it is working successfully.

But still, it is not complete right now, because it is not cheap to develop technology, it is very costly. Not available to all, but yes, it is available in prototypes, which is not harmful to human health at all.

It is the biggest victory as if we are able to access electricity wirelessly, and that too attached to a moving device, imagine how much impactful it is going to be for us. The way we use our gadgets and also the way we travel places, it is all going to be revolutionized.