Apple is Ready with iPhone 12, But is it Worth the Buy? Check Out our Review Below

iPhone, which is the most popular and loved phone by people all over the world.  All people wait for new versions of the iPhone to be released so that they can explore it and buy it if they wish to. Yes, the majority of people are iPhone lovers, because of which the Apple platform is growing rapidly. 

Recently it was confirmed that iPhone 12 is going to be released soon. The last launch was the iPhone 11 last year. iPhone 11 had variations – iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro , iPhone 11 max. 

                                               pic credits- pic arena

Now after these launches, everyone is looking out for iPhone 12, which is to be released in September this year. The features this iPhone will have is going to be amazing especially the in-display front camera, the main focus of the Apple company this year is to focus on the camera advantages- they are working in-depth to improve the camera quality and in fact try to make 3D cameras possible.  Because of 3D vision the company feels the demand for iPhone will get higher and it will be the greatest smartphone then. 

Also it is revealed by some sources, that the night mode feature of the camera will also be updated this time. 

This time the series will have an OLED display, which till now no iPhone has had.  Not only camera and display features are being improved, but also the iPhone 12 will be much more slim and thin. There is a good change for iPhone lovers this time- there will be no feature of notch display. 

Coming to the price of the iPhone 12 in India, it’s going to be nearly 75k. But I feel the features are worth the buy especially if you are too keen on iPhones.