The Korean Series ‘Solo Leveling’ Might get Delayed in its Arrival with Season 2. Find Out all the Details Below.

Solo leveling, a very famous South Korean web series produced by Jang Sung rak and released recently, did a great job and ran very successfully, and since season 1 ended now, the fans are eagerly waiting for the second season to release. 

It is confirmed by the author that yes, the series will be back with season 2. Even though season 1 ended in March itself but still fans can’t wait, because of which the author gave a final announcement for the release date. 

Sources revealed that season 2 won’t launch anytime soon and would take time to come. Because of the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19, it is delayed, and not even any filming about season 2 has started as of now. The author said that season 2 would launch nowhere before 2021 since it is unable to do everything from home without rehearsing together. 

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Coming to the trailer, till now, no trailer is released, but fans can expect at least the trailer to release soon, but for the series, they will have to wait for long now. 

Also, not much is known about season 2 as there has not been any news and even teasers about it. 

Talking about the plot of this famous series season 2, it shows us the world of monsters and mystery people who need to be dealt with, for which there are a group of few people who possess this talent to kill them or hunt them, called hunters. The main lead of the series is Sung Jin-Woo, who is also a hunter, even though he felt he’s powerful, but he was not, he was very weak. 

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The story leads further when one day he, along with some hunters get stuck somewhere in a dungeon and are not able to get out, some do, but he is stuck there and battles to survive during which he discovers some new powers of his, which he was not aware of. 

The plot of season 2 will be continued from where it left in season 1. With maybe new faces coming this season. The main characters will surely be seen again. 

Right now, all you can do is wait for season 2 to launch and stay updated with us for any new news to come.