Chucky TV Series: The Perfect “Coming of Rage” Story Sets for Halloween with this Tease

Halloween is almost here and it’s time to get your spook on

Syfy has teamed up with USA Network to produce an all-new series about the cursed doll Chucky. The series will be a continuation to the movie’s original franchise, dating back to 1988.

The first poster was shared through USA’s Network official.

In the poster, we see Chucky’s sadistic smile reflected on a knife, which is his usual weapon of choice. The series is described as “a classic coming of rage story.”


The production team


The series will be executive produced by the creator of Child’s Play, Dan Mancini. The series will serve as a sequel to the 2017 movie Cult of Chucky. Before that, the movies were Child’s Play (1988), Child’s Play 2 (1990), Child’s Play 3 (1991), Bride of Chucky (1998), Seed of Chucky (2004), and Curse of Chucky (2013). However, 2019’s Child’s Play, which served as a remake, will not be part of the franchise as Mancini was not involved.

All eight episodes from season 1 has been written by Mancini, and he will be the first episode’s director. Mancini co-wrote the script for the 1988 movie. Afterwards, he was the sole screenwriter for every other movie in the franchise, and directed the last three.

The cast


Here’s the fun part. Cast members dating all the way back to the first movie will be starring in the series. This includes Alex Vincent returning as Andy Barclay, Elise McCarthy as Kyle, Fiona Dourif as Nica Pierce, and Jennifer Tilly as Tiffany Valentine. The voiceover for Chucky will of course, be done by Brad Dourif.

The series premieres on Syfy and USA Network on October 12, 2021.

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