Glue holding the roads together can be extremely dangerous when exposed to sun and rain! Here is everything you need to know.

Science has impacted our lives differently. Not anything that we are not aware of. All the phenomenons that take place on earth are for a reason and that is fulfilled by the advent of science. Roads are the reason why transportation has become easy to carry forward. To make the concrete surface of a road various components are needed, many of which are harmful if used or reacted differently. The material that holds the road materials together is called the binder. The asphalt cement or the binder is a gluing substance that holds the road materials together into a solid form. The problem is when it reacts with sunlight. 

Researchers find sun and rain transform asphalt binder into ...
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What are the hazards when the object reacts with sunlight?

Natural or artificial, the material reacts with sunlight to form dangerous and health hazard components that are carcinogenic, ex the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. The reaction in the presence of oxygen witnessed excess hydrocarbons which caused the problems to the substance and is harmful. Research has advanced so much these days that it’s no surprise to see such pieces of information unraveling. The experiment was conducted in the presence of some water in which excess oxygen reacted with the material to produce the carbon compound. The compound produces had more oxygen that could be possible which was also responsible for the stability of the hydrocarbons. 

Is there anything to worry about in this?

The Glue That Holds Our Roads Together Could Become Toxic When ...
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As the discovery unraveled, individuals would know what to do and what to avoid before they take any step further. The hydrocarbons produced are dangerous for an individual and need to be avoided especially after the rain when the sun shines, the above process can happen with certainty. Hence, the fact has to be kept in mind before committing any experiment.