Methane levels are up by 9% globally since last 10 years! Analyze the cause and effect.

Global warming is the evil of the present. With continuously increasing regularly, the phenomenon needs to be controlled before it harms humanity beyond repair. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that needs to be prevented from exceeding the limits of production. Methane is a gas that is more dangerous than the former gas. Its emission has increased more than that of other gases and is a greater threat than other gases, not ignoring the hazards of other gases. 

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What causes methane to be produced?

Methane is a gas that is created by natural processes, the human body produces methane in various processes, the decay of organisms also produces the same. However, the major cause of concern is the man-made reasons or the industrialization that causes an overall increase in all the gases, methane being on top. The levels of methane vary from place to place, countries have only increased the ejection of the gas with no improvement over time. The human thirst for power and money tends to forget the environmental hazards that are caused due to industrial activities. 

Why is methane bad?

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Everything is good if done in a limit, if it exceeds the limit is turns hazardous as not only does the level of oxygen lower with the production of methane, but also does it majorly contribute to global warming which poses various dangers to the environment in the longer run. Only the European countries have prevented the excess release of methane over the globe and other nations continue to produce and emit greenhouse gases like previously. 

What should be done in the status quo?

Stopping globalization suddenly would not serve the purpose of people. Hence, that brings the need to properly organize uses of activities and ensure that some countries take complete charge of the environmental degradation activities, while the other countries take care of the environment.