The Seven Deadly Sins season 4: What will be the release date of the season? Checkout more latest updates and details.

Long has been the wait for another season of The Seven Deadly. The series has been adapted from a manga bearing the same name as the anime series. 3 seasons have finished and the 4th one is soon to arrive at the box office for fans to watch. Netflix has been known for adapting the best series of all time. This one is another of such kind. Written by Nakaba Suzuki, the manga series is based on a fantasy. Based on the kingdom of Liones, the citizens of the place are safeguarded by the group of Holy Knights.

When will the 4th season release?

The 3rd season ended on a thrilling note and the story took a brief advance from the previous seasons. The 3rd season had a continuation of the second series and took off from where the 2nd season ended. Filled with thrill and adventures, the season ended on a pleasant note. The evidence to that is the fanbase built over the series. The confirmation for another season of the series was confirmed by the tea, officially. The story is long and consists of nearly 310 chapters.

The first three seasons covered half of it and 110 chapters are remaining which will be covered in the upcoming seasons. Hold on to the series as there would be the most-awaited revelations in the upcoming season. There were certain moments of pause in the series when the further release had to be postponed due to unavoidable circumstances. Now, the confirmed date is in August 2020.

The season will bring many twists in the series with the upcoming season. The official twitter handle of Netflix confirmed the delay in the release and called them ‘unavoidable’ that were equally condemned by the fans as was by Netflix due to its huge fanbase.