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US Politics 2020: Trump continues his Relentless Tactics to Stay in power

How long does one’s stage of denial last?

The current president Donald Trump’s presidency ends next month, but he is still adamant in questioning the legitimacy of the elections.

Republicans and other candidates have been inspired by his relentless tactics and tweets. His supporters include congressional candidates, state lawmakers, party chairs, conservative legal groups and appointees to previously little-known state vote-certification boards. The clownery started by Trump is now threatening to affect future elections as well.

Opinions on Trump’s methods


About Trump, former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm said that what he is doing is poisoning democracy. He is also setting a new precedent that says it’s okay to violate the very norms that America has followed till now. Granholm, who is a Democrat, was joined by former New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman, a Republican, to discuss and raise concerns regarding Trump’s refusal to admit defeat and his continued struggle in undermining electoral integrity.

Whitman, despite being a Republican, does not agree with Trump’s policies and admonished his methods. Whitman had formerly served President Bush’s administration.

Trump and his gang have brought up conspiracy theories one after the other such as saying voting machine failure, and tens of thousands of fraudulent mail ballots that somehow escaped the watchful eyes of security in multiple states where he had hoped to win. Without any proper evidence, they have filed lawsuits in these states, tried pressurising the state governments to favour the Republicans and tried influencing low-level party members and boards that certify the election results.

Trump’s party is completely ignoring the fact that the federal government’s own cybersecurity arm declared the election “the most secure in American history,” and no evidence that could state otherwise have been found yet.


(Cover: AP/Alex Brandon)

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