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Tayshia and contestant Ivan discuss on topics like Black Lives Matter and many more. Explore below to read more!

The Bachelorette is an American reality television dating game show. On 8th of January, 2003 is the original release date of the first season of the show [almost 17 years ago] on ABC. Since then there has been 16 season of the show and 180 episodes in total. When Clare Crawley accepted Dale Moss’s prematurely proposal, Clare was replaced with Tayshia. The season was continued with remaining men and other four men were added to the cast.

The Bachelorette has always been a show with is full of romance, love, travels and interesting casting. But, Tayshia’s part of the season is pointing more towards real world issue. Previously, no season of “The Bachelorette” has given any importance to real world issues.

From global pandemic and Black Lives Matter to suicide and health issues, everything is becoming a priority of the show

In fact, the viewers of the show also say that this time season 16 is quite different. However, everyone is wondering whether it is too late to give priority to some real world issues.

Shooting the show was difficult task in presence of COVID-19. The whole cast of the show was tested and was also quarantined. Apart from this, when Clare left, Tayshia stepped in. However, Tayshia’s conversation with contestants took turns towards major real world issues which never have actually happened before. The topics on which Tayshia discuss are too real for a reality show.

Recently, Tayshia and contestant Ivan Hall discussed how Black Lives Matter movement have affected both of their lives. Apparently, Adams is Mexican and Black whereas Hall is Filipino and Black.

Mariama Eghan who has been member of Bachelor Nation since 2008 said that she cannot recall a single season of the show which touched sensitive topics like BLM. Kala MacDonald who is long time viewer of the show said that it is great that contestant are discussing on such topics.

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