US Election 2020: The American Presidential Elections Split Celebrities into Two Groups

As we all know the US election 2020 is one of the most trending news these days. And thus, many celebrities are talking about who they support or who is their favourite candidate out of all. One such celebrity who spoke up about the reason for her voting Joe Biden in the election is discussed below. So keep reading to get all the details about US election 2020.

The maker of the hit Havana disclosed that she the did not allow political parties to change her decision while casting the vote. The 23 year old elaborated about it through a lengthy post on her Instagram account. She captioned her post stating that she didn’t vote considering whether it’s a Republican or a Democrat rather she voted seeing the honesty, character, decency and justice in him. She voted keeping in mind that the country’s leader should be truthful and trustworthy.

The president should be such that he keeps all his promises. One who protects the moral values of every individual in his country and never betrays them. She wrote that she has cast her vote to a person who she believes is of the view that children should be educated and not put inside a cage.

Moreover, it’s an opportunity for the US citizens to bring a leader who they believe in, someone who understands the importance of the life of the American people and respects them irrespective of their caste, creed and colour. It’s a chance for them to make a history. The former Fifth Harmony band member concluded by stating that she has cast her vote to someone who isn’t their for himself but for the people. So now let’s hope for the best to happen.