Fans’ Wait will Finally Come to an End as ‘One Piece’ Chapter 996 is all Set for Release

The legendary show that has been running since ages is all set to release its chapter 996. Yes, you guessed it right, I’m talking about One Piece chapter 996. We previously told you about the release date for chapter 993 and the plot prediction have been absolutely correct. So read till the end to find out the plot for chapter 996.

When will chapter 996 release?

Chapter 996 of the drama is gonna land on the television on 21st November 2020. And for those who don’t know, the chapter 995 for One Piece will be coming up on 16th November 2020. One Piece chapter 997 release date is also confirmed. It’s gonna premier on 30th November 2020. So no more waiting, a huge packet of entertainment is up for us to watch. While it is soon gonna hit the 1000th chapter which will be extremely amazing. The show’s huge success is all because of the support and love it got from the fans.

Cast of the show

The central character of the show is Monkey D. Luffy. While there’s another character Gold Roger who’s the deceased king of all the pirates. Monkey D. Luffy is also a pirate who wishes to succeed him. And for that he will have to find the “One Piece” treasure. And there are many other supporting characters in the play. We also got to see several guest appearances in some of the chapters.


Throughout the story we see Luffy gathering a crew for himself so that he could find the treasure. While we also get to see him creating some difficult situations for himself and then coming out of it with a lot of struggles. In chapter 996 we hope he finds the perfect group of people.