Meghan Markle is putting all her efforts in trying not to involve her friends in the ugly lawsuit. Check it out.

Markle is doing all she can to prevent her legal battle with the Mail on Sunday from turning more ugly

Recently, the legal team of Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex has filed an application to stop Associated Newspapers from publicly revealing the names of five friends who anonymously defended her on a charge against bullying over a year ago, according to her personal source. Associated Newspapers is the publisher of the Mail on Sunday.

The names were kept in a confidential filing that was provided to the judge and the defense in the lawsuit that Markle filed last year after the Mail on Sunday printed out parts of a letter she wrote to her father after getting married to Prince Harry.

To stop unnecessary harassment

The source added, while talking to CNN, that this strategy by the Mail has nothing to do with the case, but only to target these five women through their newspaper and website.

In response to this statement, a spokesperson from the Mail stated that they had no intention of publishing the identities of the women, but they believe that their evidence holds a major importance in the case and hence they can’t understand why their identities should be kept a secret. They said that they discussed with the Duchess’ lawyers on considering to discuss in the court whether the identities should be kept secret or not.

Coming back to Markle’s source, they said that the newspaper is planning to intimidate her and her friends before the case is moved to London’s high court, where the women can be brought as witnesses. On another occasion, both Meghan and Prince Harry had accused the Mail on Sunday for tampering with the letter and putting in false statements in that to defame the Duchess.

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