Here’s why Kang Dong thinks Peninsula is a must watch movie!! What is his ultimate goal as an actor? Read to know all details.

Premiere on July 15, 2020, Peninsula is a movie that will touch everyone’s hearts. Not only the directors, producers, story writers but also the performers of the movie are excited and are conveying their feelings about the project. The movie will bring the best in every actor as there is something more than just fun in the coming movie. One can see for themselves what they like about the movie which is definitely more than just thriller.

Actors who acted in a project have a craze for their work to get released, however, this time the movie that will be released has something more than craze in the actors. 

Why is there so much hype about the movie?

 The actor of the movie, Kang Dong Won has done several projects in the past that have been pf the same genre. However, this one has a blend of adventure with fun. The movie as described by him will carry a message that was never conveyed in any other movie before. It will be portraying a social and political message in addition to narrating the story of humans. The movie will make everyone wanting to watch it again, as the actor has expressed his affection towards it.

Although many films in the same context, this one will be seeming special due to the blend of required characters that will be shown in the movie. One of the best work in the era of the pandemic in 2020, this is a work that the producers and the fans have laid their confidence on and have bet the fun that the movie will be carrying to the audiences of all age groups. Wait until the movie gets out and check the confidence that the actor has laid upon his work.