Future president Joe Biden and vice-president Kamala Harris have already prepared a strategy for COVID-19 in USA. Lets cover up some details below!

On 9th of November, 2020 president elect Joe Biden along with vice-president announced their strategy against COVID-19. Though America is the most powerful country in the world, but it has failed in handling Corona virus cases. The pandemic was a major reason why Trump has lost white house chair.

The new plan to handle Corona virus spread has a lot of new reforms. Almost, 10 million Americans have been affected and more than 240,000 people have already died due to the virus. However, the analysts in America already said that at least 250,000 people will die until October.

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How Joe’s strategy will work on spread of Corona Virus?

Joe and Harris have planned for more testing and gain America’s previous relationship with World Health Organization. They are also planning to force more use of  Defense Production Act to protect front line workers.

Above all, Joe and Harris team’s priority is contact tracing. They are also planning to create a “Nationwide Pandemic Dashboard” which is to display transmission rate in any region of the nation.

It is just, once Biden and Harris enter the office, the CDC will be responsible to decide when it is safe to open public places or when it is important to drop a complete lockdown.

While addressing citizens in Arizona Trump also said that the elections had got to decide a lot

Recently in Arizona, Trump said that election decides what American citizens want….A “Trump boom” or “Biden lockdown”. However, Biden has continuously said that he will listen to trustworthy scientists like Dr. Anthony Fauci. He is the head of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases who is capable enough to give useful advice on ongoing pandemic.

Well, Biden has clearly said that whatever it takes he will save lives. He cannot provide a moving country until the virus is under control.