Apple is ready to drop out Macs which is more likely to run like iPhones

Apple always bring some unique features in every devices they release. Recently, they are about to release Mac computer which include similar chips to that of iPhones and iPads. Apple just want to make all devices of iOS working in same manner. The announcement was made on Tuesday. In fact, Mac is not going to use Intel’s processors since they would be using their own processors in Macs.

Courtesy: ustoday

Well, the first interesting thing is that Apple will be using similar chips in their latest Macs to that of iPhones which actually have its own perks

The m0tive behind using similar chips is that all the apps which runs in iPhones would be able to run in Macs too. Although, it depends upon the developer of the application if they can immediately make iPhones application to be available on Macs.

Moreover, Apple also said that they their new Mac chips will be very beneficial for Macs. It will provide faster processing speeds, comfortable designs, battery power will also increase and is more reliable.

In the beginning, Apple will only put these chips only in smaller Macs such as, the 13 inch MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro and other Mac mini desktop. However, it will take almost two years until all their devices are running on these amazing chips, said Apple.

Above all, Apple’s priority has always been its iPhones. It gets four times of  revenue of MacBook from iPhones sales. Well, the sale of Macs is suppose to increase as they are more high-tech instead of other android computer. The sale of Mac is expected to increase more amid COVID-19. For now, three new Macs will be available from next week and the starting prize will be $700.