Apparently Trump has no idea About Russian Bounties On The U.S. Soldiers!

President Donald Trump is one of the most powerful man right now. As per the present reports we got to know that he did not have any information about the recent news of Russia paying militants to the the US soldiers. This news was disclosed in an interview by the national security adviser Robert O’Brien.

However, Mr Brien said that he was not verbally informed about the news but it’s unclear whether or not was he provided with a written briefing.

Arrival of the intelligence was to negotiate a peace deal to end the Afghanistan war, for which even US did several attempts.

In 2019, during the time when the alleged plan of targeting the US service personal, Donald Trump was trying to make his relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin better.

According to the reports by some popular newspapers like The New York Times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal, the US officials (whose names aren’t disclosed) revealed that a Russian military intelligence unit was offering a Taliban-linked militants bounties to destroy the US troops.

Russia on the other hand, did not agree to this report. And if the Talibans are to be trusted, they did not have any talk with the agents from Moscow.

In an interview with Fox Business Network, Mr Trump told that the time when something is brought into consideration of a president, he sees several things. And according to what he heard many of the intelligence people, didn’t accept or agree that it could happen at all. However, he also told that US would take some strict actions if this news turns out to be true. And if Russia gave money to the Taliban to kill US soldiers.