Was Jaden Smith the reason behind the extramarrital affair between Jada Pinkett Smith and August Alsina?

Will Smith aged 51 and his wife Jada Pinkett aged 48 are happily married. The two are blessed with their younger ones. Jaden is one of their children. The three were having a happy life until Jada came into a controversy involving herself in an extramarital relationship with August Alsina.


August is a rapper and is younger than Jada. His age is 29 years and he claims the two to be in a relationship. The two declared the same on a YouTube video that took less time than thought to go viral among the fans. Fans don’t seem happy with that decision made by Jada. This wasn’t enough, the two are quarantined together at the time of Coronavirus pandemic.

What has recently gotten them into the news?


Although Jada’s secretary refused that the above- made claims by August were false, Alsina leaves no moment to express his love for Jada. He takes every platform that he can take to express his feelings for her. He has expressed his emotions for her and has claimed that he can’t survive without her. He went on and said that Will Smith has blessed the newly made couple.


Was this act a pre-planned strategy made by the couple?

Not much after Jada came into the controversy of having an extramarital affair with August, the revelation surfaced that the two met at a concert via Jaden, Jada’s son. The two haad a great bonding thereafter and know each other from then. They seem close to each other and have shared a unique space in each other’s lives. What’s surprising is that the two sides ar cooking different stories. Nothing has been common to any statements made by anyone.