Are August Alsina and Jada Pinkett-Smith in a secret relationship? The internet is definitely curious and shocked!

In 2009 around April, Alsina Nunya discharged the hit track Nunya. By one way or another, the video and the verses of the melody gave a feeling that the tune was intended for Jada Pinkett-Smith. This was on the grounds that, in the video, the emoticon of Alsina is conversing with a female emoticon called Koren. Nobody knew whether it was only a happenstance, yet Koren in another dialect implied the center name of Jada. It got into limelight as it highlighted their relationship.

Alsina understood that his melody was hitting the features for all an inappropriate reasons. In any case, he promptly thought of an explanation denying all the speculations. It’s basically JUST A SONG, and a let loose masterful articulation of a made story previously set up by its ORIGINAL configuration. Much obliged to you for the entirety of your affection around the music and more is to come however please realize that I and my BEST (@jadapinkettsmith ) are acceptable!!! and We will consistently be, 4Life! Their acquaintances has got into a lot of rumors too.

He said while alluding to Jada, “I truly cherished an individual, I encountered that. I realize what that feels like and a few people never get that in this lifetime, so I realize that I’m totally honored.”

Alsina even said that separating was probably the hardest thing he had looked in his life. He likewise sponsored his cases and said that they are totally true. He stated, “I need to respect myself, and I need to respect my realness. On the off chance that regarding my genuineness implies you loathe me, stone me, shoot me, kill me, whatever—cover me a fair man.”