Stranger Things Season 4: Who is Victor Kreel? Robert Englund’s character’s Mystery Unveiled!

Nightmare on Elm Street has come to Hawkins

Stranger Things season 4 came out recently, and has shown just how truly dark and sinister it can get. But now, a larger-than-life entity is terrorizing Hawkins, and this time it’s not the Mind Flayer. A Freddy Krueger-like figure is possessing people and horrendously murdering them. But that’s not all. Robert Englund, the man who famously portrayed Freddy has appeared on the show as the mysterious Victor Creel.

Stranger Things and Nightmares

Robert Englund in Stranger Things

So what role does Victor Kreel play in Stranger Things? He is the owner of the haunted Creel House. We have seen the house appear in the trailers, with no explanation behind it. Even through the owner, who is missing both eyes, was shown briefly, the mystery and horror surrounding it has been all too scary. Englund’s appearance as the creepy old man is a turning point in the story.

In episode 4, titled, “Dear Billy,” Hawkins continues to deal with the murders. Nancy (Natalia Dyer), accompanied by Robin (Maya Hawke) is looking for leads on Creel. Victor was convicted for murdering his family, and got locked up at Pennhurst Mental Hospital. As they follow the case, they find that the way Victor’s family died is exactly like how the recent deaths happened. The youngsters realize that Victor can give them the information they’re seeking. After all, Vecna, the murderous being has set its sights on Max (Sadie Sink).

Stranger Things – Victor’s Story

Robert Englund in Stranger Things

Victor is no villain in the case. He tells Nancy and Robin that Vecna took over his family and killed everyone. Due to that, he’s stuck in a never ending nightmare where nobody believes him. He wishes that he could just die and join his family.

But he did reveal a key input on how to save a possessed person – music. Music, especially one that the person loves, will travel to the Upside Down and shake them out of Vecna’s control.

All that said, Stranger Things season 4 is proceeding strongly, and is a must-watch.

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