Rumors on Kim Martin Morrow being the CEO of Netflix and getting involved in child pornography might not be actually true!

There is no Kim Morrow in the board as well

On September 16, there came a Facebook post that stated that Netflix CEO Kim Morrow was arrested following child pornography charges. This was yet another fake news story that trended like wild fire just four days after another fake news story came saying that the actual co-CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings, got arrested by the FBI on child pornography charges.

Funnily enough, there is no person named Kim Morrow in the Netflix board. The post that has been shared over 30,000 on social media sites.

How all this came to be

Morrow’s name was mentioned for the first time on September 13 in a Facebook post by a man named Benjamin Shoch, who sent the post to another person that read, “Kim Martin Morrow the CEO of Netflix has just been charged with 15 charges for child pornography and 31,000 files have been found on his personal computers for child porn from ages 8 and as young as toddlers. So, I think the investigation was needed. #SaveOurChildren.

It was shared 30,000 times on that day. Later it started trending on Twitter as well, so the number is far greater now. This was linked to an article where Texas senator Ted Cruz asked the Department of Justice investigation into Netflix to do checks on their latest movie Cuties, which sparked a lot of controversy.

The movie is a French coming-of-age drama, and Deadline reported that the film was “taking aim at society’s sexualization of girls, through an ensemble of 11-year-old girls.” It got so bad that the director Maimouna Doucoure told Deadline that she got many death threats after the movie was released.

Meanwhile, the culprit who published the fake news about Hastings was a website called Toronto Today.

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