Pokemon Journey is Coming with Part 3 Very Soon on Netflix! It’s Going to be Lot More Exciting & Entertaining. Details Inside

Child or an adult Pikachu has been everyone’s favourite. Pokemon is one of the most popular cartoons we have been watching since years. The all new Pokemon Journey is gonna release on Netflix this Christmas holiday but for now it’ll be available only for the US audience.

However, before releasing on Netflix in December 2020, the show will land in Japan on the streaming service, TV Tokyo. Earlier this year Netflix got the exclusive US rights for Pokemon Journey. For now, two batches of Pokemon Journey are available on Netflix. Part one of the Pokemon Journey was brought by the streaming platform in June 2020. Whereas, the second part came in September 2020.


Ever since the second part ended fans have been desperately waiting for part three. So here, we are gonna reveal the release date for Pokemon journey part 3.

Just like the previous two parts, Pokemon Journey part 2 will also have twelve episodes. And all these twelve episodes will land on Netflix on 4th December 2020. Unfortunately, fans who live in areas other than the US will not be able to watch it now. There’s still some time left for it to release in the other areas.

Well, we won’t give any spoilers and upset you for now, so let the plot remain a complete surprise. But yes, we do have some more news about the show. Pokemon Journey part 4 is currently streaming in Japan and after the launch of part 3 in US, part 4 is also expected to release in the country in March 2021.

Part 4 will have 11 episodes and with it the season 23 of Pokemon Journey will come to an end. But there’s still no conformation whether we’ll get a season 24 for it or not.