Pfizer Inc. & BioNTech SE have Done the Impossible as they Developed Covid-19 Vaccine, but will it be Affordable for Everyone? Exclusive News about the Success and Availability

COVID-19 vaccine is the most anticipated thing for the year 2020 and there’s a kinda race going among all the nations to make it first. Several countries like Russia have claimed to have made the vaccine but all these are hung up in the third phase of human trial, which many are still in the first. However, according to experts, the vaccine won’t be available this early.

Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech SE’s Covid-19 vaccine are also rolling off the production lines and Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Group Co. is all set with the plannings for its distribution. However, it’s not as simple as it seems to us. Distribution of the vaccine is a complex task moreover, it’ll be happening with the help of deep freeze airport warehouse which is quite an expensive deal.


In addition, the distribution will also take place with the inoculation points and refrigerator vehicles across China. And this doesn’t end here, after the doses reach the vaccination centres, the temperature of these will be thawed from -70°C and then it becomes ready to be injected. However, there’s again a limitation to it. These vaccines should be injected within 5 days of its making or else it’ll go bad.

Then this cycle would continue for the delivery of second booster shot after a month. This roadmap has been prepared by the company that licensed the doses for Greater China. The experimental phase of this vaccine showed extraordinary results which has raised our hopes. However, currently the company needs to manufacture the storage area, deep freeze production and transportation means from scratch so that the vaccine can be delivered within the limited time frame. So let’s hope for the vaccine to arrive soon so that everything can get in