Buddi Season 2: Why is this series a favourite for every child out there? Here’s all the details you need to know.

The kids show will be making a return this year

Buddi is a kids’ show created by Keith Chapman, the legendary creator of popular kids’ shows such as Bob the Builder and PAW Patrol. It’s an animated show that was made exclusively for pre-schoolers. Netflix has partnered with Unanico Studios for the show and Jason Jameson is the director.


The show takes the children to a sensory world of imagination and exploration, and has been greatly appreciated by parents who wanted to keep their kids entertained and busy.

Season 2 details


Buddi season 1 premiered on March 20, 2020 and is available on Netflix. There are eight episodes. Season two has been confirmed and it’s trailer released last week. It will be set to premier on September 11, 2020. Netflix has stayed true to its pattern of releasing titles for its Junior category within short time frames.

Similar to other animated shows, Buddi also features a talented voice cast. Some of them are Greta Jameson, Ralf Jameson, and Clementine Laikin, among others. The same cast are expected to return for the second season as well.


For parents who want to know what the show is about, it is about five friends, known as the Buddis, called Iso, Cini, Vihi, Puna, and Kelta. They are a lively and cheerful bunch and each one of them have a unique trait that differentiates one from the other. We will see them exploring their colorful world and also doing what they can to care for their planet.

In the eight episodes, we see them witnessing snow, sand, rainbows, and having mud fights, and also coming across other creatures that dwell in their home landscape, called Buddi Kotti.

Buddi focuses on appealing to the children in an emotional level similar to other shows, with their colourful worlds and catchy songs.


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