Adam Conover is set to cover Barack Obama and Michael Obama’s Netflix show about Government. For more details read below!

Adam Conover, an American comedian, writer, voice actor, television host and the host of American version of “The Crystal Maze” is set to host Obama’s Netflix show. Basically, the series is all about working of federal government. He is also the creator and host of Tv show “Adam Ruins Everything”. Moreover, he also gave his voice in BoJack Horseman show. Adam’s career started from very bottom. In 2012 he started working as a sketch comedy writer for a YouTube channel called “College Humor”.

He is set to host “The G Word With Adam Conover” a series by Obamas

Not much about the show is yet revealed. But it is confirmed that Adam Conover will be hosting the show. Even, the official website of Netflix has not mentioned much details about the show yet. However, the show of the plot is likely to be set in “investigative” nature. The show belongs to social & cultural documentaries genre.  The main motive of the show is to express whether the word “government” is trustworthy or not.

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Since, the show host is Adam Conover therefore the show will be not boring and there will be a lot of humorous situation in the show.

When is the show set to roll out for the audience?

Well, this is very typical question keeping in mind what currently the world is going through- GLOBALLY. The show is based on “The Fifth Risk”, a book which is written by Michael Lewis. The show will describe power and complexity of U.S. government.

The plot of the show is still in development. It will include every scripted and unscripted detail of the USA government and its working.

Other than Higher Ground Productions, John Cena and Jon Wolf  of Conover’s Fair Point will also produce the show executively.