Barack Obama Made His Appearance On TikTok For A Special Reason And People Are Officially Losing Their Minds!

Something big happens and it seems like the year is still managing to surprise us with more shocking events on the way! It seems like one of America’s former President has made his debut in TikTok and fans are officially surprised!

Fans Were Stunned To See Barack Obama On TikTok!

Barack Obama was recently seen in a TikTok video and we are wondering whether there is anything that this man cannot ace with style! People saw Barack Obama urging everyone on the platform to read his upcoming memoir, A Promised Land. Here’s a small video where Barack Obama is talking about his book and more!


The video shows Barack Obama passing the book on while asking people to read it as it is quite special for him and several people have already taken interest and participating in this virtual book pass- on process. This made it look like the book is actually being passed on from one person to another.

Barack Obama Has Been Talking About His Upcoming Memoir, A Promised Land.

Obama took to Twitter and further opened up about the book explaining how he has tried to pen down about the events and people that shaped me during the early years of his presidency.

He also explains that he hopes that the book inspires us all to be playing a role in shaping a better world. While the TikTok video is already grabbing eyeballs, Obama has also released a playlist to accompany the book. The playlist includes songs by some iconic artists of all times like Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, Eminem, Gloria Estefan, and Beyonce. As Obama has said earlier, these songs have a special place in his life.