Liam Payne gets Candid about his Former Bandmate Harry Styles' New Release 'Golden'

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Liam Payne gets Candid about his Former Bandmate Harry Styles’ New Release ‘Golden’

One Direction fans were pleased to hear that Liam and Harry have been talking a whole lot recently

Liam Payne has been sharing details about himself and his former bandmates, especially Harry Styles, and die hard fans of One Direction are very happy to hear all about it.

As many know, Liam is part of TikTok now, and during a live, listened to Harry’s Calm story to help him relax.

What he talks with the boys

Liam Payne/ Instagram

After listening to the story, Liam thanked Harry for his warm tones that “get us through the day.”

But Liam wanted to use Harry’s voice as an alarm tone instead of a lullaby. So popular radio host Roman Kemp created a personalised Harry Styles alarm clock for him, and Liam responded by saying that he loved it and is going to start using it.

During another Instagram livestream, Payne heard Harry’s ‘Golden,’ and joked that the song was about him. He said that his eyes are kind of golden so it must be about him. He ended his song review by calling it “nice” and “chill” and gave it a rating of 10/10.

Liam also spoke about what they talk about whenever they get free time. All the 1D boys are incredibly busy, so it’s a luxury to hang out or text. Liam said that he discusses music the most with Louis than anyone else. With Harry, he talks about old times, but never really anything about music. Liam also added that he and his former bandmates have group chats that they message on, and he even got messages from all of them when he turned 27 recently.

Liam was also in the news recently after getting engaged to girlfriend Maya Henry.

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