Park Eun Bin And Cha Eun Woo To Be The Hosts Of 16th Seoul Drama Awards 2021

Eun Bin Park and Eun Woo Cha are MCs for the upcoming award show

If you are a soul viewer of Korean dramas then this news is potentially for you. The most respected award show of Korea is coming soon to honor the best Korean Dramas in the Korean industry. The academy and press community of Seoul Awards 2021 has announced that Eun Bin Park and Eun Woo Cha will be the MCs for the 16th Seoul Drama Awards 2021. 

Eun Bin Park and Eun Woo Cha will host Seoul Drama Awards 2021

Eun Bin was the favorite choice of the Seoul Dramas for the host position. She is rising as a drama box-office heroine with her acting through every role in the various drama. Her best work includes “Age of Youth”, “Hot Stove League”, “Do You Like Brahms?” and many more. The actress is loved for her grace and simplicity. 

The Seoul Drama 2021
Credit: Instagram | Eun Bin Park

Whereas, Eun Woo is a sensational member of the highly anticipated group ASTRO member. He is also an actor and has also established his solo career in no time. He has given his best performances in ‘True Beauty,’ ‘Rookie Historian Goo Hae-Ryeong’ and ‘My ID is Gangnam Beauty.’ 

Credit: Instagram | Eun Woo Cha

The pair together has a vibrant energy that has already created sensations among their fans. 

The air dates of the 16th Seoul Drama Awards

The Seoul Drama Awards is an international festival drama that celebrates shows and dramas on the international award. Moreover, this year is quite special as the community is planning to celebrate the shows on both offline and online levels. A drama street at Sangam Culture Square will also begin from October 20 to October 22. It will include a drama experience zone, drama fashion class, drama reaction contest, OST concert, and drama talk concert.