New K-Pop band ENHYPEN is all set to make their debut album

Get to know about the new kids in the K-Pop block

The way ENHYPEN attained fame was different from other K-pop groups. Usually, a Korean band gets announced officially after they spend years training behind closed doors and hundreds of tests to see if they have what it takes to stand in the highly competitive music industry. But the public got to witness ENHYPEN due to I-LAND, the competition that determines who will make it through the rounds and vote for their favourite group. The ones that remained were these seven members and they’re about to make their grand debut.



ENHYPEN already boasts 2.1 million followers on TikTok, 1.3 million on Instagram, and nearly 1 million on YouTube. It’s expected to grow exponentially after their official debut. They have their loyal fandom, called ENGENE, which means that fans are the engine that drives ENHYPEN’s growth and development. The group also mentioned that they share a “GENE” with their fans to connect, discover, and develop together.

The group has started promotions in earnest, and the medley for their first album “Borde: Day One” is out. The album consists of six songs. They have also put their official lightstick on sale, which is a black lamp with minimal designs, and is a simple white light inside a plastic sphere.

They will be debuting on November 30, and have already received advice from idols like SEVENTEEN and BTS while they were on the show.

Their list of songs are going to be:

  1. Intro: Walk the line 
  2. Let me in 
  3. 10 Months
  4. Flicker 
  5. Outro: Cross the line 
  6. Given-Taken 

ENGENE is already up to date with the beats of all their songs, which consist of the usual elements of rap, dance and vocals. They all sound very promising.

(Cover: Teen Vogue)