Boss Baby 2: Family Business – Everything you need to know

The trailer for the movie showed new characters, a de-aging formula, and a new Boss Baby

The first trailer for Boss Baby: Family Business was a treat, and promises to be just as funny as the first movie, if not more. We got to see new characters including a second Boss Baby.

The Boss Baby is a DreamWorks and Universal movie that enjoyed a lot of success upon its release in 2017. The movie also grossed over $527 million worldwide. The story is of little Tim Templeton, who enjoyed the undivided love and attention of his parents, but has his life turned upside down when his baby brother arrives. Baby Ted was not just your average baby however, but instead an intelligent and veteran agent from BabyCorp.

Sequel details


The Boss Baby 2 is set to release in March 26, 2021  and will be introducing many new characters. Aside from Alec Baldwin as Ted, aka the Boss Baby, and James Marsden will be voicing adult Tim. Other new cast members include Eva Longoria, Ariana Greenblatt, Amy Sedaris, and Jeff Goldblum.

The story picks off many years later, where both Tim and Ted have grown up and went their different ways. Tim starts his own family, and one day Ted visits. The brothers are in the midst of arguing when Tim’s toddler Tina (Sedaris) reveals herself to be an agent from BabyCorp sent to uncover a heinous scientist named Dr. Edwin Armstrong (Goldblum). She presents the brothers with a de-aging formula that reverse them to their childhood selves.

Tina’s agent status was revealed towards the ending of the first movie, and she acts as an ally for the brothers throughout the movie. The Boss Baby 2 promises to be a good entertainer for the kids.

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